SkyVac Gutter Vacuums

SkyVac revolutionised professional gutter cleaning and is an innovative, low-cost, high-reach gutter cleaning and inspection system, with industrial-strength suction.

Since the start of the company back in 2003 SkyVac has grown extensively, to offer not only the latest innovations in gutter cleaning machines, but also now offering top of the range paving cleaning pressure washers, window cleaning equipment, gum removal systems, internal high reach vacuum systems, ATEX certified vacuums – as well as much more!

Sky Vacuum User Guide

SkyVac ATOM Gutter Vacuums

SkyVac Atom

The SkyVac ATOM joins it’s two bigger Brothers but still packs a powerful punch with it’s commercial grade build.

Our Advanced Carbon Fibre Pole Sections are 3 times Lighter than equivalent Aluminium Poles making them much lighter to manoeuvre above your head.

Being smallest SkyVac in the family means that it does not require too much space.

The ATOM can tackle any challenge you want to throw at it in all sorts of environments including domestic and commercial property’s.

With the added feature of a blow function means the multi talented ATOM can carry out the following tasks…

  • Gutter Cleaning (up to 3 storey’s high)
  • High Reach Vacuuming
  • Leaf Blowing
  • Wet and Dry Pick UP (Indoors or Outdoors)
  • Pond Dredging

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SkyVac ATOM Sonic Gutter Vacuums

SkyVac Atom Sonic is a powerful, portable, and cordless gutter cleaning tool that uses advanced sonic technology to blast away dirt, debris, and blockages from gutters and downpipes. It is designed to make the process of gutter cleaning faster, safer, and more efficient, especially for hard-to-reach areas.

Overall, SkyVac Atom Sonic is an innovative and effective tool for cleaning gutters that offers a range of benefits to users, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone who needs to maintain their gutters and keep them free from blockages.

5 Good Reasons to buy the SkyVac ATOM Sonic

  1. Powerful cleaning: SkyVac Atom Sonic uses advanced sonic technology to generate powerful waves of energy that dislodge and remove even the toughest dirt, debris, and blockages from gutters and downpipes.
  2. Portable and cordless: The compact and lightweight design of the SkyVac Atom Sonic makes it easy to carry around and use, without the need for cords or power outlets.
  3. Safe and easy to use: With no need for ladders or scaffolding, using SkyVac Atom Sonic is a safe and easy way to clean gutters, especially in high or difficult-to-reach areas.
  4. Time-saving: The powerful cleaning action of SkyVac Atom Sonic means that gutters can be cleaned quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort.
  5. Versatile: SkyVac Atom Sonic can be used to clean gutters and downpipes of all shapes and sizes, making it a versatile tool for homeowners, maintenance professionals, and cleaning companies.

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Commercial SkyVac 75 (Wet & Dry)

SkyVac75Skyvac 240v Domestic & Commercial Gutter Vacuums System

Skyvac 75 is suitable for: Commercial and Domestic Gutter Cleaning

Wet or Dry application

Key Features

With the combination of high suction lift and fast airflow, the SkyVac 75 is a very effective and lightweight gutter cleaning machine.

2 Industrial Strength Vacuum Motors giving huge suction power of 100 inches of Water Lift

  • New side glide entrance eliminating time consuming blockages associated with front entrance machines
  • Tipping Chassis for easy emptying
  • Lightweight, very tough construction

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Industrial SkyVac 85 (Wet & Dry)

SkyVac 85The Worlds Most Powerful Mains Powered Free Standing Gutter Cleaning Machine

Suitable for: Industrial and Domestic Gutter Cleaning, Wet or Dry application

Wet or Dry application

Key Features

  • Package now includes a Full color camera, receiver and monitor, carry bag and charging items
  • 2 industrial strength vacuum motors giving huge suction power.
  • New side glide entrance eliminating time consuming blockages associated with front entrance machines
  • Unique PowerMix feature gives 50% more suction lift power than it’s nearest rival
  • All terrain steel chassis with stainless steel container
  • Tipping chassis
  • Multi-Purpose washable cartridge filter
  • Locking front castors

Download brochure SkyVac 85 – Parts Profile

Click here to download a product brochure for an optional SpaceVac Explorer Wireless Camera & Monitoring System that works with this product.

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SkyVac Interceptor Gutter Vacuums

The Most Advanced Portable Fully Independent Gutter Vacuuming System Available

SkyVac InterceptorAfter years of extensive research, we are proud to launch the latest innovation in high level cleaning, the SkyVac™ Interceptor. The all in one system is the UK’s first portable gutter-cleaning machine with an on-board power unit, removing the need for separate generators.

Featuring the world’s most powerful gutter cleaning system, SkyVac™ 85, a reliable Honda power pack and unique interlocking trolley system – this system significantly reduces energy consumption as well as making transportation easy.

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SkyVac A37 G – Health & Safety Vacuuming System

SkyVac A37 G
SkyVac A37 G

Suitable for: ATEX Zone 22 environments

Key Features:

  • The Innovative Pull Clean System effectively cleans the antistatic filter while the vacuum is running, without the need to stop working.
  • Single Phase Atex Z22
  • High performance
  • HEPA14/ULPA15 absolute filtration for very fine dust
  • 37L stainless steel removable container
  • Stainless steel version
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to service

Brochure download – SkyVac A37G VHS110 ATEX – Data Sheet

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