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Silver Star 120/11 Steam Water Blaster

Silver Star 120/11 Steam Water BlasterBrand: Powerwash

Option: 1710 psi 11 l/m

Professional hot water pressure cleaner with group pump motor at 1450 rpm, motor at double bearings and pump with three ceramic pistons connecting rods and camshaft.

Shutdown immediate with the closure of the gun.

  • 1450 rpm long-life pumps
  • Delayed total stop
  • Low fuel cut off
  • Flow switch for safety and prevent start-up with minor leaks
  • 10-metre hose with industrial gun and lance

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MAER – Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaner 1750 PSI

This hot water pressure cleaner is now a firm favourite with the hire industry.

  • MAPW 120 11Painted steel frame
  • Professional pump
  • Bypass valve
  • Thermostat for temperature adjustment
  • Stainless steel vertical boiler
  • Ventilation by independent electric motor
  • Low-level gas oil warning lamp, with burner stop
  • 16Lt. fuel tank
  • 24V low tension electrical controls
  • Temporized Total Stop (TTS)
  • High-pressure chemical suction.

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MAER – Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaner 2175 PSI

MAER 200 15Designed to tackle the jobs that cold water pressure cleaners can’t; this model heats water to 120°C and just melts away mud, dirt, grease and sugars speeding up the overall cleaning process.

Popular with New Zealand’s agriculture and food manufacturing industries this hot water pressure cleaner boasts a number of great features including time-delayed shutdown, flow adjustment and chemical metering valves, as well as low fuel indicator/cut-out and convenient lifting eyelets.

Better yet it has a user-friendly control panel and a flip back steel cover that grants easy access for maintenance work.

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MAER – Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaner 2910 PSI

MAER - Hot And Cold Water High-Pressure Cleaner 2910 PSIA beast of a machine, this hot water pressure washer is a large heavy-duty cleaner that annihilates dirt, fat, grease or anything else that gets in its way.

Ideal for the industrial sector this machine gets the job done quickly and gets it done properly!

Hot And Cold

Features include the ability to double as a cold water system, time-delayed stop, easy access for maintenance, lifting eyelets and the list goes on.

The stainless steel cover gives long-lasting protection to your investment and the low-speed Interpump ceramic plunger pump offers much longer operational life than older style high-speed machines.

If you’re cleaning up the difficult jobs this could be the answer to your prayers, so contact us and find out more.

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Firebox 350 Pressure Washer Boiler System

Firebox 350 Pressure Washer Boiler System (Hot And Cold)This mobile hot and cold water heater is able to heat to 140°C.

Ideal to turn your 5000 psi cold water pressure cleaner into a hot water machine (making it Hot And Cold).

Features include a double turn coil made from steel tubing, treated with high-temperature paints; New high efficiency, long life, weld-free boiler manufactured completely in stainless steel; and an electric control panel with on-off switch and thermostat.

The cover and trolley are made from painted sheet metal and the Firebox 350 has great safety devices such as a check valve, safety valve, and flow meter to check for the absence of water.

This unit has popular applications in agriculture, industrial manufacturing and also construction.

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