EnduroVac Customise your Package

EnduroVac Customise your Package

The EnduroVac is our most popular petrol-powered vacuum system due to its power, durability and reliability. The investment into an EnduroVac has allowed many businesses to remain competitive within their industry and has seen their profitability skyrocket.

The popular EnduroVac package already comes with ample inclusions. In a broad nutshell, it includes the Enduro skid, hose and hose reel, drum and drum tipper, and attachments for cleaning. This package can be broken down further into the advantages of these inclusions which allow you to enhance your business through a high powered system.

However as we are aware, each business is unique and therefore has unique requirements. This is why we have made it easy for our customers to customise their packages through additional products. That is, your vacuum can be accessorised to work precisely the way you want it to. This allows the EnduroVac to be the most suitable choice for each business, big or small.

Mounting Options

We offer a range of mounting options and can provide a full installation of your package onto your desired vehicle. Our options include

  • Trailer
  • Ute
  • Truck

Which option you go for comes down to personal preference and what will be most appropriate for you. We offer alternatives as we know every business requires a slightly different set-up in terms of equipment, arrangement of equipment, and overall transportation.

Cleaning Kits

Once you have your package, you can add cleaning kits to make your job easier. Our carbon fibre pole kit is extremely popular for those who conduct high reach cleaning (such as gutter cleaning). Another popular addition is the solar panel cleaning kit. This adds an entirely new service to your business offering and is convenient if you’re already getting on the roofs to clean gutters. Both kits include a range of high-quality cleaning tools and attachments making them a great addition.

Extra Items for your EnduroVac package

Depending on your requirements, you may choose to add additional items to ensure work is being done efficiently. Additional items include an extra drum and drum tipper, or more hose and an extra hose reel. Depending on your services, the way in which you collect your debris can also be customised. That is, the collection vessel can come in the form of a:

  • Drum
  • Tank (400L, 800L or 1000L)
  • Wet collection box
  • Dry collection box
  • Insulation box

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