BV22 D/H

BV22 D/H- Two in one air cleaning gun


Wherever high powered industrial vacuum cleaning or air pressure cleaning is required. The BV22 connects directly to your airline and can be used for a wide range of industrial cleaning jobs, including&nbsp

On Vacuum Mode:

  • Windscreen glass cuttings. Metal filings from around machines
  • Fibreglass residue and ceramic dust
  • Sawdust, food crumbs and spilt powders, paper, textiles and rubber trimmings
  • Plastic pellets and any granulated material which is difficult to clean up.

On Blower Mode:

The BV22 gun can be used to blow clean machine tools such as lames, drills, milling machines, power saws etc.. The BV22 can also be used to provide cooling for a number of industrial and manufacturing processes Also as an aid to combustion.

Download the BV22BV 22 D/H  brochures for more information


Basic Vacuum Kit Includes:

BV22 Gun, crevice tool, dust bag and clamp

​RT 1 
Suction nozzles to suit BV11: 4mm, 8mm and 12mm (Set of 3)

RT 2 
Mini adaptor kit to suit BV11: 
Includes crevice tool, round brush, oval brush, straight and bent extension, and nozzle cap.

RT 3 
Vacuum head to suit: 
BV22CCK,, BV22DAK, BCK20, BCK60, BCK205, DPK200, and PLA29

RT 4 
Long reach wands (2 pcs) to suit: 

RT 5  
Crevice Tool to suit:
BV22BVK, BV22CCK, BV22DAK, BCK20, BCK60, BCK205, DPK200 & PLA29 

RT 6 
Round Brush to suit:
V22DAK, BCK20, 8CK60, BCK205 & PLA29

RT 11 
32mm Rod complete with 40mm Hose adaptor to suit DPK200
​RT 14 
38mm Plastic – Metal Vacuum Headto suit PLA45 & PLA60 

R​eplacement Dust Collection Products 

RD 51 
Dust bag to suit BV11KA and BV11KB (includes 1 hose clamp)

RD 53 
Dust Bag to suit BV22BVK and BV22DAK (includes 1 hose clamp)

Download the BV22BV 22 D/H  brochures for more information

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