Vax Backpack

Vax Backpack

Vax Backpack VacuumThe Vax backpack VXCB-01 by design, competes equally with other market leading brand backpacks. This Advance model has utilised the time-proven powerful 1300w motor and hi-flow filter to result in high levels of suction, to deliver a quality performance at an economical price point.

  • Excellent pick up on carpets and hard floors
  • Up to 3x more productivity compared to a barrel vacuum
  • 40 ltr/sec volumetric airflow
  • Ultra lightweight – only 3.8 kgs
  • 18-metre high visibility cable
  • Large 5.0 ltr bag capacity
  • 3 Year Commercial Warranty
  • Bag-less Redbag accessory available

Weight 3.8 kg
Power 1300W
Guarantee 3 years
Air Watts No
Capacity 5.0 litres
Cord Length 18 metres
Filters 4 Stage Hi-flow
Hose 1.2 metres
Model # VXCB-01

Vax Backpack - what's included with your machine

Commercial or at Home

If you’ve never owned one, you’ve most probably seen them being used at a hotel, departmental store or any other business.

Vax backpack vacuums are versatile, powerful, and highly mobile cleaning machines. In spite of them typically being marketed as suited for commercial places, you can use a Vax backpack vacuum anywhere. In your home, they will clean faster and more comfortably than the conventional units. Because you wear them on your back, you can vacuum for extended periods as well as clean every part of your home. The hard-to-reach areas will be a breeze to vacuum, plus tasks won’t tire you as much as they do when using your regular vacuum.

Overall backpack vacuums have been around for quite some time. Their features have been improving over the years, with manufacturers focusing on increasing their suction power while making them more compact. As a result, the Vax backpack vacuum today is a power-packed machine that’s small-sized and weighs less than what you would imagine. Many of the popular manufacturers are also making these types of vacuums as more and more homeowners embrace the efficiency and versatility of cleaning with a vacuum you can wear on your back.

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