SkyVac A37 G

SkyVac A37 G – Health & Safety Vacuuming System

Suitable for: ATEX Zone 22 environments

Key Features:

  • The Innovative Pull Clean System effectively cleans the antistatic filter while the vacuum is running, without the need to stop working.
  • Single Phase Atex Z22
  • High performance
  • HEPA14/ULPA15 absolute filtration for very fine dust
  • 37L stainless steel removable container
  • Stainless steel version
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to service

SkyVac A37 G - Health & Safety Vacuuming System

Brochure download – SkyVac A37G VHS110 ATEX – Data Sheet

Vacuum specification:

  • Air flow Movement: 3600 Litres per minute (Maximum)
  • Motor wattage: 1100 max
  • Decibel level: 73
  • Container capacity: 37 Litres
  • Mains connection: 240v or 110v volt
  • Height: 124cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Main filter area (cm²) 10000

Included as Standard in each Antistatic Kit

  • Industrial vacuum (Nilfisk VHS110 Z22)
  • ATEX Certified carbon fibre poles 1.5 metres long – the lightest available at just 280 grams each
  • Carbon fibre 155 degree tool holder
  • Carbon fibre 65 degree tool holder
  • Carbon fibre straight hose cuff connecter
  • 4 metres of 38mm Antistatic flexi pick up hose
  • 3 x Assorted internal end tools
  • Antistatic pole and accessory carrying Holdall

Choose the Height You Wish to Reach

  • 6 Metre Reach (20ft)
  • 9 Metre Reach (30ft)
  • 12 Metre Reach (40ft)

Risk Assessment (ATEX)

If this vacuum cleaner is used for collecting flammable / explosive materials or within a zoned area classified under the ATEX 137 Directive 1999/92/EC then a risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person to verify the suitability of the application.

The risk assessment will be the responsibility of the customer / end user and should take into account but not be limited to the characteristics of the material being collected such as:

  1. Spark ignition sensitivity
  2. Hot surface ignition sensitivity (cloud)
  3. Hot surface ignition sensitivity (layer)
  4. Explosion severity
  5. Burning behaviour
  6. Thermal instability
  7. Chemical instability
  8. Static electricity generation
  9. Impact of collected material
  10. The ATEX certification code for the appliance being assessed. (See the rating plate on the machine).
SkyVac A37 G - Health & Safety Vacuuming System
SkyVac A37 G – Health & Safety Vacuuming System

SkyVac A37 G - Health & Safety Vacuuming System

Disclaimer – product images used may differ slightly from what’s supplied in the box.  Please ask us for a complete product list and or product brochure before ordering.

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