nLite – Water Fed Pole System


HydroPower RO S – Pure Water for Everyone!

Your economical solution for cleaning with pure water in hard water areas

  • Pure water mode: for spotless cleaning of windows and facades
  • Boost mode: tap water with 8-10 bar for prewashing of heavysoiled surfaces
  • High-Quality 3-stage filtration
  • Powerful high-value pump
  • Easy and safe usage
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy to transport

Your economical solution for cleaning with pure water in hard water areas

With the new HydroPower RO S at low investment cost, cleaning with pure water can be achieved at minimal running cost – especially in hard water areas. Due to its compact and robust design, the new HydroPower RO S system is easy to transport.

The proven RO-technology from UNGER relies on a 3-stage filtration process with 0 ppm outgoing pure water, and the water is pressurized by a high-quality stainless steel pump.

The boost function allows a strong tab water-jet on demand for prewashing of heavy soiled or horizontal surfaces. It will also remove cobwebs and dirt from corners that cannot be reached with a brush.

Save money now and get your jobs done with the new UNGER HydroPower RO S.


  • Pure water mode: up to 180 l/h* pure water at 4 bar for streakfree cleaning of windows and facades
  • Boost mode: up to 1.000 l/h* tap water at 8-10 bar for pre-rinsing heavily soiled surfaces


  • TDS measuring device shows the quality of the source water at the push of a button
  • Manual flushing of the RO membrane for an extended service life
  • Automatic shutdown function to protect the pump if the water supply fails


  • Centrifugal pump made of stainless steel for constant and high water flow
  • Trouble-free operation even after a long time


  • The pre-filter and DI filter are easy to replace and can be visually inspected during work
  • Removable back cover for easy access to all electrical components


  • High-quality materials ensure a long service life
  • Durable stainless steel quick connectors prevent dripping
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame with maintenance-free solid rubber wheels

*at 18°C water temperature and connected outlet hose with 1/2“ inner diameter

The Most Versatile Water Fed Pole System

nLite Evolutionary Water Fed Pole Technology for professionals

Unveiled in 2012 at ISSA/INTERClEAN Amsterdam, the nLite® Water Fed Pole System has immediately set a new bench-mark in pure water cleaning technology.

Since then the nLite® range has won several prestigious Innovation Awards and become a go-to solution for professional window cleaners worldwide thanks to its ergonomic design, ease of use and the perfect balance between weight and rigidity.

In 2014 the challenge was on to build the stiffest, most rigid water fed pole in the world! The result – the Ultra HiMod Carbon Fibre Pole of unrivalled rigidity, made using a complex combination of carefully selected ultra-rigid premium carbon fibres with the ultimate material strength of 760 GPa, 110 MSI.

The UNGER nLite system offers a waterfed pole system and sets new standards in professional cleaning technology. With the sturdy yet lightweight poles, glass and building cleaning can be carried out at heights of up to 20 m without a ladder. With 6 different pole materials, the nLite® system is the perfect equipment for every application and every budget – of course, “Made in Germany”.

  • Poles
  • Goosenecks
  • Brushes & Jets
  • Accessories

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2 Different nLite Designs

There is a perfect nLite® pole for any cleaning challenge, all you need to do is decide which one is right for you.

First, choose between telescopic nLite® One or telescopic-modular nLite® Connect designs, then explore your further options within each range based on required reach and pole rigidity.

nLite Water Fed Pole System

nLite Pole Selection Guide

nLite Water Fed Pole System

nLite Water Fed Pole System

nLite Water Fed Pole System

Expert Design in Every Detail

Award Winning Range

nLite Water Fed Pole System

nLite Product Overview

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