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We supply a wide range of wheeled lawn & litter vacuums for cleaning up parking lots, sidewalks, parking garages, lawn, parks, and turf. In this section, you’ll find the Turbo-Vac vacuums suitable for clearing large outdoor areas. Our lawn & litter vacuums come in multiple sizes with models ranging from push to self-propelled. These vacuums are suitable for everything from domestic lawns to large parking lots.

We offer exclusive Turbo-Vac vacuums for pick up of leaves, twigs and debris on pavement, sidewalks grass, or turf. They’re strong, well built, highly maneuverable, and withstand years of use in the most demanding environment.

The Turbo-Vac vacuums and sweepers for leaves and litter which lies around cities, shopping malls, schools, parks, motels and at home.

Below you’ll find more information on the Turbo-Vac and at the bottom of this page is a great video on the Turbo-Vac model 770.

Turbovac 600 & 770 Turbovac 600 & 770


PDF 600 & 770 Models

PDF 1200 Model (pictured below)

Turbo-Vac 1200
Turbo-Vac 1200

Turbo-Vac 1200

  • Towable configuration
  • Vacuum Width 1200mm
  • Honda 13.0 HP pull start engine
  • 3 Bladed steel fan
  • 300mm DIA x 150mm wide pneumatic tires
  • All 3mm steel body
  • Aluminium hopper with 1.2 cubic metre capacity (1200 litres)*
  • Green super mesh hopper venting
  • Winch operated hopper tipping
  • Gas ram assisted adjustable ride height
  • Flexible skirt around vacuum area
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Unit weight approx. 240kg

*Aluminium hopper 1200mm long from backplate  Optional hopper size available, 900mm long from backplate

The Turbo-Vac models outperform any lawn vacuums, even those with higher horsepower.

Powerful suction and easy operation make cleanup a snap for leaves, seeds, mulch, blooms, branches, litter and debris.

Cleanup in less time, with less effort and do a better job.

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