Carpet Care: Top 10 Reasons to select a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet Care

Carpet Care

Top 10 Reasons to select a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner for your carpet care

Some cleaning professionals wonder if it really makes much difference whether they select a commercial vacuum cleaner rather than one manufactured for residential carpet care cleaning.

After all, big-box retailers market residential machines that look the part, and the prices can be appealing. But, are they the best machines for commercial use?

10 Reasons for Selecting a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

1. Price: Commercial vacuums may cost more initially, but they are designed to last longer with fewer repairs, reducing their overall cost of ownership considerably.

2. Customer service: Big-box retailers generally offer little technical support for the products they sell. On the contrary, some manufacturers/distributors often post their customer support lines right on their home page.

3. Ready access to parts: Big-box retailers rarely carry replacement parts. Parts for commercial machines are generally readily available from local distributors or the manufacturer.

4. Design: Residential vacuum cleaners are designed to be used once or twice per week; commercial machines are designed to be used every day.

Carpet Care

5. Quality: Commercial machines tend to have higher quality components than do residential machines.

6. Performance: Commercial machines are performance-focused, typically surpassing the performance of residential machines.

7. Durability: Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed for heavy-duty use, not just carpet care.

8. Appearance: Commercial vacuums look professional making the user look professional.

9. Bonuses: Some manufacturers encourage sales by offering a variety of marketing incentives.

10. Variety: Although they may look different, many residential vacuum cleaners are often quite similar. Commercial machines can vary significantly to meet specific user needs, not just carpet care.

“I guess if you had to point out the biggest difference between a residential and [a] commercial vacuum cleaner it would be durability, commercial vacuum cleaners are made to last.”

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