Wet Vacuums – Why Buy Them?

Charles Wet Vacuums (and Dry)

Wet Vacuums – Why Buy Them?

Let’s talk about wet vacuums, but before we do, the best vacuums are great for dry debris, such as dust, dirt, cereal, hair and other types of everyday mess.

They can’t handle liquids though. For this, you’ll need a wet and dry vacuum.

As the name suggests, these models are able to handle liquids as well as dirt and dust. This means they can be used both outdoors and inside, which isn’t the case for most vacuums, while being suitable for clearing spills. They also tend to be highly durable and have powerful suction.

So, if you need a vacuum that’s more versatile than a traditional upright or cylinder, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner could be the best option – but which should you choose?

Wet and dry vacuums are more than just regular machines with the ability to deal with liquids. They also tend to be more durable and powerful, and will happily suck up everything from nails to snow.

Some also have a reverse mode which can be used for blowing. This is useful for moving debris into a smaller location for easier cleaning, or just to clear the hose.

Additionally, some models allow power tools to be connected via an outlet for sucking up wood chips or dust. These outlets allow the machine to turn on and off automatically as you use the tool. Not all vacuum models have this, but if you work with power tools it can be a very useful feature.

So, how do wet vacuums work? And when should they be used?

Thsee machines are built with a waterproof collector. This acts as a barrier between liquid and any electrical components, so you can use it to suck up water and other liquids (when in the correct mode). If you did this with a dry vacuum the model is likely to short circuit, as there is no protection for the sensitive circuits.

Some example uses for a wet and dry cleaner include:

  • Sucking up spilled drinks
  • Keeping work sites clear
  • Getting rid of dust and wood chips from power tools
  • Thoroughly cleaning inside cars or vans
  • Vacuuming carpets that have just been cleaned
  • Drying a cleaned hard floor
  • Cleaning garages or other areas with larger debris
  • Unblocking sinks.

It’s also important to point out that wet vacuums are not the same as carpet cleaners. Wet dry vacuums can pick up water, while a carpet cleaner actually cleans the carpet. There are, however, some models which can do both (we’ll give you an example later in the article).

Featured Product

Charles 15 Litre Wet Vacuums & Dry

Charles 15 Litre Wet & Dry VacuumCVC370-2

Numatic | Product of England

You want a vacuum cleaner that is totally without compromise, be it for wet or dry use, and that’s exactly what you get. One minute (or most of the year in the majority of cases) Charles will be up to his neck in dust and dirt, keeping everything spick and span, and then suddenly the call arrives and he’s expected to unblock the sink or dry the floor. Well, it’s no problem with Charles, he has our full Twinflo’ motor and performance to give you exactly what you need.

As wet vacuums go, the Charles is an outstanding vacuum. It has strong suction and a large capacity for both liquids and dry material. If you need a water vacuum that can do it all, the Charles is a good place to start.

Big filters and Hepaflo dust bags for dry use and a safety float valve for wet pick-up.

Tubes are lightweight aluminium and will never rust. Two floor nozzles, one for wet work and a superb combination nozzle for carpets and hard floors, and even that has a stainless steel high efficiency carpet plate. Add to this three smaller tools and you are ready to tackle almost anything that comes along, be it floors or floods, corners or curtains, you are in control.

  • Wet or Dry Vac
  • 9L Wet Capacity
  • 15L Dry Capacity

Brochure download – Charles 15 Litre Wet & Dry

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